How to Publish a Magazine on a Kindle

Visit the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals page and click the “Request to Become a Beta Publisher” button. You will be taken to the KPFP request page. Click “Submit” to send your application to the KPFP review team. It may take 24 hours or longer to hear back from the review team; once your application is [...]

How to Self-Publish a Kindle Book

Write your book. In one case you get across “Put out” information technology more often than not takes Amazon 24 to 72 hours to sue and upload to the Fire computer memory. Preindication indiana to Amazon’s Digital Text edition Program. If you already wealthy person an Amazon account, role the saame foretoken inwards. If non, [...]

How to Publish your e-book on Amazon and B&N

Kindle e-book version on Amazon Paperback on Amazon Click on the links above to visit my Amazon book page where you can read the book’s description and reviews from readers. Perfect Pages: Self Publishing with Microsoft Word, or How to Design Your Own Book for Desktop Publishing and Print on Demand (Word 97-2003 [...]

Publish a Book on Kindle Click there to get your invite to the FREE webinar – “Publish Your E-Book Today Using Amazon’s Kindle”

How to Publish Your Feed on Amazon Kindle

Sign up for a free Kindle Publishing account at This account is separate from your regular Amazon account, if you have one. You need to provide an email address, password and security questions to create an account. As of March 2011, blog approval by Amazon takes two to three days. Click “Upload Image” to [...]

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